Beksons Special NYStyle Chick And Curry Hawaii


Picas Meistars is the place with a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy the delicious NewYork style pizzas. Our pizza crust is soft and airy, but the pizza is very thin, like it should be. We add more amount of cheese then others, so it's more delicious. The dough is made by exquisite chef's recipes with addition of selected spices and special fermentation. Pizza crust is softer and taste very delicious, even the next day.

The pizza will be ready in ten minutes. And all pizza cooking process takes place in front of your eyes. Communicative chef will pick you specifically selected spices. Cozy interior, tasteful music and friendly staff - everything like in a studio apartment. Here you can communicate with chefs, enjoy the piano or indulge in a leisurely conversations.


Pārdaugava 20 491 491 (Kuģu 11)

Centrs 25 388 388 (Baznīcas 24)